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Hello! My apologies for not updating this blog last month. Anyway, I was thinking what can I possibly share with you guys but unfortunately I haven't made/prepared something to discuss. Me and my fellow "MAKASINING" colleagues were busy from the last event... The "Winter" Komikon was held last October 27, 2012 at Bayanihan Center - Unilab Pasig City. It's an important event for me and my colleagues. Oh by the way meet the new member of MAKASINING, Ker Floria (AKA "Charles").

Ker Floria

Daenerys Targaryen
And this gouache painting was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Casacop! Yey Thank You Sir JB! :)

And for the past two weeks I've been doing daily sketches. And these GoT sketches are what I have done so far. These are my freebies for the next Komikon. :) 

And here's my teaser ad of Cargo! One of my new comics/mangas for the next Komikon.

And so why exactly did I post something like this?... In all honesty, Cargo was meant to be published for Winter Komikon but I haven't finished it. It is only because I had been procrastinating for almost four months. I didn't know exactly why it's just that I've lost my desire to do something productive (personal stuff). I've been wasting my time playing tetris on facebook and browsing mangas. And so the deadline came and I haven't done anything new for the event... And I regret it! >_< And obviously the moral lesson here is... Do not procrastinate! 

And here's what I've learned from Youtube! I forgot the exact channel... well you can easily find it there youtube master! ^_^. I have listed some of the important part and so here are the keys(?) on how to eliminate procrastination.  :D

Eliminating Procrastination

1. When you feel like you're not achieving enough, you're not productive and when you feel you're putting something off.The first thing you need to do... is do something. Get out of that state!

2. Five seconds rule for being productive. Anytime when you're not feeling productive. Find something that you can do in five seconds. Use it as a mini exercise.

And that's it! Yey! No to Procrastination! XD

And another reason why I decided to write this "Inspire and Be Inspired". I have been exchanging comments and opinions to someone from deviantart. He/She is a good online friend/DA watcher of mine, an aspiring artist. We've been talking about stuff that will help each other. Recently he/she said that whenever he/she see someone's artworks that amaze him/her, he/she's content with seeing someone else doing it rather push himself/herself to work hard. And it took me a weeks before I could find the right response for him/her (LOL seriously... I actually didn't know exactly how to react with that and by the way sorry for the he/she :)).  Anyway, this is what I have told him/her... (hopefully this will also help you).

I couldn't say if it's bad or good for him/her, (I just can't agree with him/her). If you have someone who serves as your model or inspiration (epitome of inspiration? Whatever you'll call it), you should not just be happy to see how awesome their works or how cool they are right now! or see them shine rather follow them or imitate them. There's nothing wrong with imitating because no one has ever made things who haven't seen in real life, I mean there's no such thing as originality. All fantasy/sci-fi characters and environments are just a product of our imagination... combination of things, animals and places we've seen in our planet. By imitating... I mean not copying/swiping their own works but copying their process or style of work. Most everybody starts from this practice, I believe. And then when you can now follow him and comfortable with his/style then it's about time to find your own style, make some experiments. Just don't forget to study the basic, anatomy etc.. This is actually what you need. XD What I'm saying is... you can imitate use it as a stepping stone (If this is the best words to describe it..XD). I myself learned from following some artists. No one is born with painting master skill, probably some born talented but we are free to learn new skills and it takes practice, patient and passion to further develop it.If you're willing to do it then you can probably achieve it! As long as you want to push yourself you can probably surpass them. Remember... live to inspire and be inspired.

Woah! This must be the longest blog entry I have wrote so far. XD I'm really sorry if this is all I can share for now...^_^' And if you see something wrong with my grammar, my sincere apologies...English is not my first language eh. ^^'

Thanks for dropping by! I hope you have learned something from me. :)

And by the way if you have questions or concern feel free to drop me a message. Ja! ^_^

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