100% Of Me

This is a request illustration I did a few years ago for Kitt and Kate Aton-Osias. It's an illustration for Kate's short story,  If you want to read the whole story here's the link (100percentOfMe).

Here's the progress shots... 

I know... you may not find this interesting, An old painting of mine that shows my lack of skills and techniques. But as much as I want to post a progress shots of my recent works, I still haven't figured out how to organize them. So why not let's start from one of my old paintings and see how can we improve them. ^_^

As I can see from this painting, it needs more space. If I just extended its canvas perhaps it would look better. And the equations effects are so lame. >_< And... highlights perhaps?  I know there's still room for improvement What else did you see? Please let me know. :)

This is why I keep my old paintings and drawings not just to laugh at it. But to be able to see that I still need to improve and never be satisfied with my current style or technique.  Did it help you or it did not?

Well that's it for now, I hope I could post another progress shots where I can critique my own old paintings! :D I really do hope that somehow this will help you. :) And as always... English is not my first language so if you see something wrong with grammar... please... please let me know! Thanks! Have a great day! :D


Just A Little Update

Hello everyone! My apologies for not updating my blog. The past six months have been pretty busy for me and exciting! I had the opportunity to work on Warlord of Mars and Marvel Bronze Age Sketch Card series! :) All thanks to Allen Geneta, Bard Mendoza, Breygent Marketing Inc and Rittenhouse. I'm really glad that Tom gave me the permission to post these images! ^_^

These paintings are my first attempt in gouache. I don't actually know how to use it properly but I still had a lot of fun! :D And good thing  JB Casacop  gave me some idea how qouache works. :D I can't post the sketches I did for Marvel yet, hopefully soon.

And lastly, I haven't told you yet that I have published my very first comic last Summer Komikon and November Komikon 2011. (finally! My long awaited dream has come true!) :D All thanks to Makasining group ( Allen Geneta,  JB Casacop  and newest members Ferdinand Ladera, David Villegas, Benjo Camay, and Tey Bartolome). Check out their awesome artworks! :D

So here are the previews of my first ever published comic. :)

S.O.S is based from a poem/short story "Love and Time". I just added a little twist, comedy and drama to make it more interesting.  I'm having a hard time searching for its author. If you know who wrote the story please let me know so I can give him credit.

That's all for now, I hope you'll find this interesting. :D I will definitely post a tutorial/progress shots of my works as I promised. Thanks a lot for dropping by! :D I'll  try  my best to update this at least once a month. And as always English is not my first language so if you find something wrong with my grammar please let me know! :D Thanks! :)